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Stasny Road Racing is run by Chris Stasny and is based out of Ashtabula, Ohio. Chris is a veteran to the sport of racing with nearly two decades of running, coaching and race management under his belt. Preparing for your race day is Chris’s specialty and making sure your races have a positive experience and receive fast and accurate results is his top priority. Big or small, Chris is no stranger to the nuances of event organization. With the completion of another amazing season, we have huge hopes for this upcoming race season! We will be pushing harder than ever before to make sure more races are successfully managed. 

As a race timer and event manager, we always strive to be the first ones on site on race day and we are the last ones to leave. We insist on overseeing the entire race from registration, the start, the finish and the awards. Along the way, I will always answer questions, especially the ones that could affect the runner’s race experience and alleviate the problems before they happen. The reason we push so hard to make sure everything is perfect on race day is because the success of your race is a direct reflection of Stasny Road Racing and we strive to hold a high standard compared to other race timers. 

Please feel free to contact Stasny Road Racing and we can review your event and we can get you a quote. I promise you that you will not be disappointed with the service you will receive from Stasny Road Racing. You can contact us through any of the following methods: Website:, click the Race Directors tab. Email: or you can call me directly at 440-344-8371. We look forward to working with your event!

 For more information or to discuss your event, please contact Chris Stasny:

Stasny Road Racing: Timing and Scoring

PO Box 443

Ashtabula, Ohio 44005

Cell: 440-344-8371

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